Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Governor Crist Signs - CS/HB 909 - Ad Valorem Taxation

Today, Governor Crist signed into law CS/HB 909 - Ad Valorem Taxation. This bill, sponsored by the Government Efficiency & Accountability Council and Representative Peter Nehr, adds clarification to the definition of Highest and Best Use, one of the eight criteria to be considered by County Property Appraisers in arriving at "Just Valuation". Representatives Jim Frishe and Ed Hooper, both of Pinellas County, co-sponsored this bill.

The legislation also requires important and much needed changes to the composition and conduct of Value Adjustment Boards.

The clarification to Highest and Best Use include requirements that the County Property Appraiser take into consideration the legally permissible use of the property, including any applicable judicial limitation, local or state land use regulation, or historic preservation ordinance, and any zoning changes, concurrency requirements, and permits necessary to achieve the highest and best use.

Both the clarification to Highest and Best Use and the change in the composition and conduct of the Value Adjustment Boards are important victories for Florida Taxpayers.