Thursday, December 17, 2009

Real Estate Appraiser Threatens Cuomo!

Just to be clear, Appraiser Active is not recommending this as a course of action (especially during the Holiday Season)

Latest Death Threat Against New York Official: Jack Geoghan vs. Andrew Cuomo

Just a few days back cops arrested a man who allegedly phoned death threats to Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly. Now 45-year-old Jack Geoghan of Inter County Appraisers of Bayport, New York, is accused of leaving a message at the Attorney General's office promising, "If that fucker Andrew Cuomo is on the Long Island Expressway and his head is blown off with a 30.06, you'll know who did it." Police did not take this as a crimestoppers tip, and hauled Geoghan in. He is charged with terroristic threats and aggravated harassment.

The father also says that as a real-estate appraiser, Geoghan has been annoyed by Cuomo's attempts to regulate that industry, such as the establishment of a Home Valuation Code of Conduct, which requires appraisal fees be split between appraisers and appraisal management companies, which other critics have denounced, albeit less homicidally, as an undue financial hardship on appraisers.

There is much more to be said, but it's probably best to keep my mouth shut.

Dec. 17--A Bayport man charged with threatening to blow off State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's head on the Long Island Expressway might have an easier time getting out of jail after a Central Islip judge reduced his bail Thursday.

Prosecutors said Jack Geoghan, 45, said he planned to "unleash the wrath of God" on Cuomo, vowing: "I am going to track him down and shoot him," court records show.

Geoghan's bail, originally set at $500 million at his arraignment Wednesday in First District Court in Central Islip, was reduced to $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond Thursday by State Supreme Court Judge Carol MacKenzie.

MacKenzie acted after Geoghan's attorney, Bryan E. Cameron of Sayville, petitioned for a bail hearing, arguing the original half-billion-dollar bail was "harsh and excessive."


Anonymous said...

I read that an appraiser recently filed a lawsuit against the New York Attorney General's office seeking compensation for lost wages due to HVCC. Who knows if it will go anywhere.

Could it be that appraisers are finally waking up? Is it possible that they are beginning to grasp that they were simultaneously robbed of both their businesses and their profession.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that Andrew Cuomo take 1 minute from his busy schedule this Christmas to read:

The Bible
Galatians 6:7

One small verse could do wonders for his political career.

Anonymous said...

This guy was robbed of his livelihood just as I was and he went off the deep end. Desperate people sometimes do desperate things. My income in 2009 was reduced 90% from what it was several years ago. WTF did I do? In the business 18 years with many loyal clients. All gone thanks to Cuomo and the other political hacks. I can't condone what the guy did but I certainly understand it.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the judge was pressured by P.A. (Pompous Ass) Cuomo to set bail at $500,000,000 in order to promote the self perceived value of his miserable little life. Looks like we'll need to start using AMCs to protect judges from being pressured by New York's Attorney General. P.A. Cuomo is obviously guilty of "pushing for inflated values".

Shortly after being set the appraiser's bail dropped faster than FNMA's stock value. An overnight drop from $500,000,000 to $50,000? Did the judge suddenly become aware of P.A. Cuomo's functional obsolesence? It's a thought. Check back in a week...maybe his bail will hit $5

This may not be politically correct but I cast my vote for Jack Geoghan : Time magazine's "Man Of The Year"

Anonymous said...

April 1, 2009 - April Fools day

Appraisers were told that they would be required to complete a form 1004MC with every appraisal. It would only take 1-3 hours of additional time to complete (depending upon the availability of data).

May 1, 2009 - HVCC Day
Appraisers were told that their client base would be rendered worthless no matter how many years they had been in business. Been in business 40 years? Sorry Mr. Appraiser your services are worth the same as Jimmy Greenhorn who received his license yesterday. All work would now be channeled through a middle man (appraisal management company) who would be marking up the appraisal fee by 50% and paying the appraiser 50% less.

Example: Old appraisal fee $300/$300 went to the appraiser
New appraisal fee $450/$150 goes to the appraiser

One appraisal management company was kind enough to point out the “simple solution”. Appraisers simply need to compensate for the lower fees by doing more volume. Doesn’t that translate into “Just do twice the amount of work if you want to be paid the same”? Sorry but screw that idea folks.

Appraisers have waited patiently for Moses to appear and release their chains. I don’t think he’s coming guys….maybe you’d better start doing something for yourselves.

Can you say National Appraisers Strike?