Monday, May 2, 2016

Tips in the Mailbox

Over the weekend, along with a stack of the regular mix of bills, political advertisements, and solicitations for contributions, I found the Second Edition, Spring, 2016, APPRAISALBUZZ Magazine.

Quite a mix of articles, some written by folks I've met and know, as several by folks I know from other forums and events. It's different, and worth a read.

The purpose of this post is  to add one additional suggestion to the article authored by yours truly "Litigate This, Five Things to Think About Before Taking the Plunge". As noted in the piece, the list is not exhaustive, and many more points could be added, but I was on a work count limit.

Here's the addition. When working on the terms of your engagement, make sure to negotiate a records retention agreement. The closing orders for some cases require all parties to return or destroy their records related to the case. Of course, this will cause an appraiser trouble with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and in some instances, their state law. Make sure the terms of your engagement allow retention of records in such as way to permit you to comply with the Record Keeping Rule, and your state law.