Sunday, October 4, 2009


Appraiser Active has linked to the TAVMA Blog previously. It prompted a few comments and an interesting discussion about Appraisal Management Companies and the effect on them as a result of efforts by states to bring them under the regulatory umbrella.

This post, interests me. Here's an excerpt:

And, although I've not written an article on the topic, I'd say that the HVCC has to some extent forced some good appraisers – and bad and in-between appraisers too to be fair – out of the market. My theory about where HVCC may play a role involves appraisers who built their marketing strategy around direct-orders from mortgage brokers and Realtors. Banning broker- and Realtor-ordered appraisals abruptly severed these appraisers’ direct marketing ties to some long-time clients. Some were able to acquire new clients and join one or several AMC fee panels. However, it is likely that others lost their traditional client base (i.e. brokers) without an immediate alternative or perhaps the business development acumen to sustain the business.

Yet if demand for appraisers has dropped by half over the past 6 years as measured by mortgage originations, and the number of certified and licensed appraisers has trended upward during that time frame, wouldn't it make sense that there'd be shakeout in the ranks of appraisers?

FWIW, there has been a shakeout in the ranks of appraisers, but at least here in Florida, the dramatic drop has been in the number of TRAINEE Appraisers. during the last renewal cycle (November 30, 2008), over 4,000 Trainees failed to renew their license. Here is the current licensee count. It will be interesting to follow the renewal statistics in states AFTER the HVCC implementation. Talk on the street is the Appraisal Subcommittee is worried about their budget for the coming year because of dismal appraiser renewal numbers.

I've had some interesting back and forths with Jeff. This seems like it will start another one. What do you think?

Jeff was supposed to be on the AARO Panel with me next weekend. It's too bad the cast of characters has changed.

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