Monday, February 8, 2010

Quantrix LLC (First American) - INSANITY

Only 4 days ago, Appraise Active posted about the priority of PROFIT as JOB 1 for Quantrix. Second on their priority list is turnaround time (TAT).

Today, February 8, 2010, Quantrix turns up the heat and demonstrates their complete lack of commitment to quality.

Here's an email sent to their panel appraisers:

TO: Quantrix Valuation Chase Appraisers
FROM: Quantrix Valuation Panel Management
DATE: February 8, 2010
RE: Automated Telephone Order Notification

Starting Friday, February 12, 2010, Quantrix Valuation is providing a new opportunity to accept Chase orders via telephone.

Appraiser Receives Phone Call from Quantrix Valuation

Auto Call will notify Appraiser that there is an order available and will provide:

  • Product
  • Property Address
  • Appraiser Fee
  • Appointment Date and Time

Auto Call will ask if Appraiser ACCEPTS or DECLINES the order

If the call is not answered or the call is dropped or disconnected, Auto Call will roll to next Appraiser – THERE WILL BE NO OPPORTUNITY TO RECOVER THE ORDER

To ACCEPT order, Say “YES”

Borrower’s First and Last Name is provided as well as spelled out Order information is also included in the Assignment Notification email like all other orders

Appointment Date and Time is included in Auto Call and in the Special Instructions in the Quantrix Order form Appraiser is transferred directly to the Borrower’s phone to confirm Appointment Date and Time If Borrower or voicemail do not pick up, the call will be dropped and Appraiser must follow up with borrower to confirm Appointment Date and Time

If the call is dropped or disconnects AFTER the order is Accepted, or if the automated system is unable to reach the Borrower, Order and Borrower information may be obtained at

To DECLINE order, Say “NO” Auto Call disconnects Order will be offered to next Appraiser


Please contact 866-284-2189, option 1, then option 2 and option 1 again if you have any questions.

*Calls may be recorded to help improve quality and service

I wonder if the 'order' includes a requirement to deliver a pizza too!
It's a good thing Appraiser Active and Gregoire & Gregoire, Inc. is not on that list. We might get the same folks knocking on our door as that fella in New York that threatened the AG!

I'm hoping those recorded calls will be retained for a long time and offered on a CD for entertainment purposes too.

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