Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wells Fargo Visits Appraiser Active!

To tell the truth, Wells Fargo did not drop by my office, but folks from Wells Fargo have been visiting the Appraiser Active site.

There are a few tools used to help me determine the level of activity on Appraiser Active. In addition to lijit and Google Analytics, sitemeter provides quite a bit of information. Not only does it keep a running total of visits to the site and page views, it lets me know the service provider and what keywords are used by folks to get to this site.

Given all the interest in the Wells Fargo RVS Desktop Appraisal and their heavy handedness in dealing with questions about an appraiser's ability to comply with mandatory appraisal standards when accepting a Wells Fargo "opportunity" to participate in the exciting new program, it was amusing to learn what keywords are used when Wells Fargo employees land here on Appraiser Active.

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