Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Greatest Spectacle In Racing - Saturday Update

UPDATE - My Pick (scroll to end of post)
If there is one thing that captures my attention more than real estate valuation, it's racing. If it involves anything with four wheels and an internal combustion engine, I'm interested. Formula 1, American LeMans, NASCAR, NHRA, Grand-Am, Sports Car, Land Speed Record, you've got my attention.

It started when I was in 2nd grade when my Dad would pile the family into the Country Squire Station Wagon for a short drive up the road to the local 1/4 mile track, Sunshine Speedway. They ran jalopies, modifieds and stocks. It was LOUD. The cars were FAST. The action was AWESOME! We would be picking rubber off our arms and out of our hair all the way home.

I followed NASCAR religiously from the time I was 7 years old. My early favorite drivers included Fireball Roberts, Curtis Turner, Fred Lorenzen, David Pearson and Cale Yarborough. In 1963, I got hooked on the Indy 500. That was the first year Jimmy Clark ran the race in a rear engined, Ford Powered Lotus. I devoured the newspaper for stories about anything related to the race, particularly that rear engined Lotus.

Of course, Jimmy did not win in 1963, but he did finish the race. He took the pole in 1964, but didn't win until 1965. Although no driver has commanded my attention as much as Clark, the race continues to be a rite of spring for me and my family. So, isn't it amazing that my two oldest children ended up living and working in Indianapolis! I fulfilled a long time dream and attended my first 500 back in 2005; watched it from the infield! We were able to make it back to the rain shortened 2007 race, but missed 2008. Unfortunately, I will miss attending this years' 500 but will be firmly planted on the couch with a Coors Light in hand to catch "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" this Sunday.

Now it's time to get to work and finish up some appraisal reports. I plan to update with my pick(s) later, but welcome your comments.
UPDATE - Saturday, May 23, 2009
Because he seems to run up front and has a stong team, Tony Kanan. Of course, if Stephan Gregoire was in the race......


Kevin Flankey said...

Hi Frank,

Sorry I couldn't attend the FLQC meeting last week - busy teaching new appraisers about the roles & rules of supervisors...and how to pick a good supervisor if they find someone willing to hire a trainee.

So...which team is likely to win Indy? I think it might be a dark horse team instead of the usual Penske or Ganassi juggernaughts. Like Mine The Bird at the Kentucky Derby, look for someone from the back of the field. Sunday's weather indicates thunderstorms. A wet track might create a "wild card" for someone to get lucky!
What about Monaco? The Brawn and Red Bull cars lose their aero advantage with the slower track.

Maybe see you at FREAB in a couple of weeks.
Kevin Flankey